WAW! It’s been 6 months.

At the Knudsen Clinic we perform hair restoration procedures with either the FUT or FUE techniques. In recent years, the popularity of FUE procedures has increased significantly. The presence of ‘dot-like’ scars (as opposed to a linear scar) across the donor area is more appealing to certain patients. Along with this rise in popularity there is an ever growing list of devices and FUE punches on the market from which a surgeon can choose.

Which is better? Manual or motorised FUE? Dull or sharp punch? ARTAS or handheld?

This debate will no doubt be one that will continue to consume the minds of members of the ISHRS. In the meantime, Dr Jean Devroye has brought a new Hybrid  trumpet punch that can both oscillate and rotate. This is controlled by a Waw pedal (yes, like a guitar) that can allow you to change the speed in real time. So what does that mean to the person lying face down waiting for their donor area to be harvested? Well, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be able to use this machine for the past six months and I am totally enamoured by it!

Let’s forget about the fact that it can be controlled from my iPhone – which is awesome. The quality of grafts that this machine is able to harvest are amazing and certainly in my hands, the transaction rate of grafts is very low. All this means that there is a better outcome for the patient both in the donor and recipient area.

I have enjoyed using it so much, that it now comes with me when I travel to New Zealand to operate there. I have tried a variety of different devices and this is by far my favourite. In short, I’m in awe of the WAW.

Dr Vikram Jayaprakash


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