Frequently Asked Questions


  • How successful is hair replacement surgery?

    In expert hands, hair transplants are extremely successful with at least 90% of the hairs growing in their new permanent location. Results are dependent on the skill of the hair transplant doctor and his team and their experience.  The Knudsen Clinic has performed over 10,000 hair transplants.

  • Is a hair transplant painful?

    The team at the Knudsen Clinic are so highly skilled and use the latest technology and techniques that they guarantee all the procedures carried out at the clinic. If any hair that has been transplanted doesn’t grow after a reasonable amount of time, the Knudsen Clinic are happy to replace it for you, providing you have enough donor hair available to use.

  • Do I have to treat my transplanted hair differently?

    No, you can treat your transplanted hair like you would the rest of the hair on your head. You can dye it, straighten it, curl it, cut it and style it however you like. Wearing tight hats will not affect your hair.

  • How long will it take for my transplant to grow?

    After your hair replacement surgery you will see small spiky hairs start to grow or fall out from the grafts. It is normal for the hairs to fall out and then re-grow on the next hair cycle but sometimes they will start growing straight away. At around 6 months you will start to see between 50-80% of the hairs grow through and at 12 months you can expect to see the full result. If you have very long hair it will take longer to see the results as the hair will have to grow to the same length for you to see the full visual result.

  • Is hair replacement surgery safe?

    Yes, hair transplants are well known to be safe and it is highly unusual that there are any complications at all and even then, most are resolved easily. Possible side effects such as numbness and minor bruising effect a very small number of patients but are always resolved quickly.

  • What is my follow up care?

    A follow up appointment is made for you to see the Doctor two weeks after your hair transplant procedure. We also like to see you at 6 months and again at 12 months to chart on your progress and compare your ‘before’ photos. These appointments are not compulsory and are sometimes not possible if you live too far away from the clinic, in which case Skype or a phone call can be made if preferred.

  • What is the cost of a consultation?

    The cost of the initial consultation is $175.00 and a follow-up consultation is $100.00.

  • Do you have products to make my hair look thicker?

    Yes, we sell camouflage products to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. These products are available to test at the clinic. The most popular product is Nanogen Nanofibres, which are textured coloured fibres (to match your hair colour) that camouflage the scalp by clinging to the hair using electromagnetic charge and give a fuller appearance to the hair. Aquamatch is a waterproof pencil that is matched to the colour of your hair and is used to colour in the thinning part of the scalp to block out the light from your scalp and give the appearance of thicker hair.  Mane thickening hair spray is comparable to a spray paint for the scalp. It is easily applied to the scalp by spraying the areas of thinning.  Read more about the hair loss products available at the Knudsen Clinic.

  • Do you treat females?

    Yes, about 30% of our patients are female and we treat all types of female hair loss. Dr Knudsen treats females for everything from female pattern hair loss, to hair loss from scars, burns, childbirth and menopause.

  • What age can you start treatment?

    Dr Knudsen treats patients as young as 16 but most won’t be offered a hair transplant as an option for treatment until they are at least 18 years old.

  • How many grafts will I need?

    The number of grafts required will be determined by the doctor at the time of consultation and will be reliant on the expectations of the patient. For example if you are thinning all over but only the front of your hairline bothers you then a different number of grafts will be needed than if you wanted to cover the entire thinning area.

  • What is the cost of a hair transplant?

    A hair transplant is charged by how many grafts you require. How many you have will affect the hair replacement cost. A graft is a small group of 1, 2 or 3 hairs for example 500 grafts is equivalent to about 1,100 hairs. Most hair transplants are between 500 grafts to 3,000 grafts. See our hair replacement cost price list to find out more about the cost of hair transplant in Australia.

  • Do you do eyebrow transplants?

    Yes, we perform eyebrow transplants at the Knudsen Clinic. The number of grafts generally needed for an eyebrow transplant is 250 – 350 grafts.

  • Can I claim a rebate on my hair transplant?

    No, Medicare or private health funds don’t cover your hair replacement cost unless the cause of your hair loss is due to a specific reason rather than just pattern hair loss. Dr Knudsen is governed by Medicare’s rules and he will let you know at your consultation whether the reason for your hair loss is claimable under Medicare’s guidelines.

  • Will my transplanted hair fall out?

    No, your new transplanted hair will have the same fate it would have had at the back of your scalp, where it as taken from. This hair is your ‘permanent hair’ as it has a different chemical make up to the hair at in the other areas of your scalp.

  • At what stage of hair loss should I see a Doctor?

    As soon as possible. It is never too early to consult with the Doctor about your hair loss. Baldness is a progressive condition and the sooner you can stop further hair loss the simpler your treatment options will be.

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